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Here at Trident Precision Technologies Ltd we understand no all ideas are created equal, whether your design be a complex CAD drawing or scribbled on a piece of paper we can help, our friendly staff can offer professional advice to help your ideas become reality, consultation is a chance to examine your ideas from angles you may not have taken into account, and is the initial step of our prototype product design services.


Prototype design is the second stage of prototyping, here you will see your idea transformed into a 3 dimensional model, and is a great chance to find any unsuspecting problems that may arise. It is also a great chance to see if your ideas will work both physically and mechanically and is a very cost effective way to stop any costly problems later in prototype production. Here at Trident Precision Technologies Ltd we have invested in state of the art CAD Software to ensure the customers’ needs are met. We can also offer 3D printing to give the client an even closer look at the finished product.


The third stage of Prototype is production, here you will your idea become reality, and transform from raw stock into the finished product. We offer all these services in house and are a one stop shop for our clients, covering all your design and prototype manufacturing needs.